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About the MS in Biology at Loyola

Biology is a professional field that is essential to society's health and well-being on a number of levels. The biology field fuels advances in areas like medicine and agriculture while providing an understanding of how our natural world functions and what improvements can be made.

The Master of Science (MS) in Biology program offered through Loyola's Graduate School gives you powerful preparation to be part of scientific discovery at the highest levels.

While most research-intensive biology programs are lab based, Loyola's master's in biology program features a strong fieldwork component. You will have opportunities to work at sites in places like Alaska, Puerto Rico, and British Columbia. The MS in Biology program also emphasizes aquatic biology, organismal biology, and developmental biology with an evolutionary focus.

Program Structure

The MS in Biology can be pursued either full-time. Classes are held at the Lake Shore Campus, located on Chicago's North Side, right along Lake Michigan, in a diverse and dynamic residential area.

The MS in Biology is a 30-credit-hour program that includes required core courses, electives, teaching practica, and research activities.

If you are interested in the master's in biology program, please contact individual faculty members to discuss research opportunities in their areas of interest and gain the necessary thesis direction for entry.

Why Choose Loyola for the MS in Biology?

A faculty of renowned experts and leading scholars

The program's graduate faculty is composed of internationally acclaimed researchers and scholars. They are active, engaged mentors who will involve you in research at the forefront of modern biology.

Unlike most graduate programs, which are laboratory based, Loyola's MS in Biology emphasizes organismal components and field-based research. This prepares you for all aspects of research, from developing a project to data acquisition, and analysis to manuscript writing and presentations.

Loyola University Chicago's Department of Biology is widely recognized for its excellence in programming, research opportunities, and overarching impact on the scientific community.

Our location along Lake Michigan in the heart of Chicago offers an array of professional connections. You will also benefit from high-quality resources, including a micro-CT scanner, confocal microscope, SEM, TEM, web laboratory, and fish rooms.

The program delivers a series of workshops and practicums designed to foster teaching experiences and skills. Through them, you will be empowered to teach within the department (after your second year) as well as at the high school level.

As a student in the program, you will be part of a supportive, tight-knit community where people work together, learn from each other, interact professionally and socially, and maintain personal connections well into the future.

Biology Department

The Department of Biology has extensive resources to support superior teaching and research in all the major areas of contemporary biological sciences to prepare students for graduate school or other professional studies, teaching, or careers in industry or government. Find stories showcasing current students and graduates from the Biology MS program and learn more about why Loyola is right for you.

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Meet the Faculty

The master in biology faculty members are exceptional instructors and dedicated mentors who conduct significant research in a wide array of areas. Faculty research interests include developmental biology, cell and molecular biology, neurobiology, organismal biology, paleontology, and ecology..

The Loyola biology faculty attract a significant amount of external grant support, allowing them to pursue projects that are at the forefront of modern biology.


Curriculum and Program Outcomes

While courses for the Biology MS program may vary from semester to semester, Loyola’s extensive Academic Catalog will always house the official listing of courses, programs of study, academic policies, degree requirements, and specialization or concentration options.

Additionally, this resource will provide Biology MS learning outcomes, showcasing the commitment to specific skills and growth graduates can expect to achieve following completion of the program.

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Costs, Scholarships, and Aid

Loyola University Chicago is committed to making your graduate and professional studies a reality. Our Cost & Financial Aid page can help better inform you about the costs and potential funding opportunities through scholarships, loans, and aid for graduate and professional education.

If you are a current Loyola undergraduate or recent alum, you may be eligible for a Returning Rambler discount. Learn more and see if you qualify on our Returning Rambler Scholarship page.

Tuition and Costs

The estimated tuition and fees for the Biology MS totals $33750.00, or 30 credit hours at a cost of $1,125.00 per credit hour. Please note that tuition and fees for all of Loyola's academic programs are subject to change.

For more detailed information about tuition and fees, and a breakdown of how these costs are calculated on a yearly basis, please visit Tuition and Fees from the Office of the Bursar.

The Graduate School Scholarships

Information about funding opportunities within The Graduate School can be found on The Graduate School website.

Biology MS Scholarships

The Biology Department offers a limited number of research assistantships on a competitive basis that include stipend, tuition scholarships, and health insurance.

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Application Process

Application Deadlines

The available start terms and corresponding application deadlines for the Biology MS are listed below. We encourage you to apply early as decisions may take longer during busy periods.

Students who wish be considered for a university stipend and tuition scholarship: February 1
All other applicants: June 1

Application Requirements

Application requirements for the Biology MS include:

  • 3 Letters of Recommendation

  • Personal Statement

  • Approval from a Faculty Research Advisor

International Student Requirements

Additional information regarding the application process for international students can be found on the International Student Requirements page.

Additional Details

For general information and a step-by-step guide to applying for graduate and professional study, please visit our Admission Process page.

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