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About the Online Bilingual MSW at Loyola

The Latinx/e population, immigrants, and refugees in the U.S. can experience a wide range of mental health issues, including increased rates of depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, accessing mental health services often proves difficult, if not impossible. From language barriers to a lack of insurance and from cultural mistrust to a fear of being deported, these individuals can face a broad range of challenges to getting the support they need.

Breaking down these barriers requires culturally competent clinical social workers who are specifically prepared to work with Latinx/e, immigrant, and refugee communities. You can become that social worker through Loyola University Chicago's Master of Social Work Online Bilingual, the first program of its kind in the inland United States.

Program Structure

Traditional MSW

Loyola's Master of Social Work Online Bilingual degree is offered on a part-time basis. Classes are fully online with weekly synchronous meetings. Offered in eight continuous semesters, the master of social work program takes 3 years to complete. The program requires two internships for a total of 1,000 hours.

Advanced Standing

If you earned your Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) at an accredited institution within the past five years, you may qualify for Loyola's Social Work MSW Online Bilingual with Advanced Standing program, which can be completed in four continuous semesters and requires one internship for a total of 600 hours. Please note the Advanced Standing program is spring start only.

Micro Practice

The Micro Practice Specialization extends foundation knowledge of generalist practice and requires a critical understanding of diverse theories and their related evidence-informed practice models with a diverse population. Critical analysis is used to examine these models from an antiracist, strengths, and systemic perspective to plan for interventions that are most effective in situations of increased complexity within our global world. Critical thinking skills, reflexivity, and an appreciation and understanding of diverse political, economic, and social systems as they impact micro practice in diverse settings (e.g. schools, mental health clinics, health care facilities, and others), are utilized to assess and engage client systems in prioritizing and managing clinical problems, and treatment goals. Practice modalities from diverse cultural contexts are emphasized to deepen students’ understanding and ability to apply, modify, and develop practice models relevant to clients’ culture and experience of oppression in society.

Students in the Online Bilingual MSW program are in the Micro Practice Specialization with a track in Migration Studies.

Meet the Faculty

Loyola is proud to have talented and nationally-recognized scholar-teachers as part of our diverse community of exceptional faculty, students and staff. Loyola faculty are known for their commitment to teaching, the dissemination of knowledge through innovative and interdisciplinary scholarly research, and a commitment to social justice and cura personalis, or care for the whole person.

Learn more about our full-time OBMSW faculty: Diana Franco, DSW, LCSW-R, Priscila R. Freire, PhD, Maribel Lopez, EdD, MSW, Francisco J. Lozornio, DSW, MSW, LCSW, and Ivan Medina, MSW.

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