Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Program

International Affairs MA

About the International Affairs MA Accelerated Bachelor's/Master's Degree at Loyola

Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s programs allow full-time students to complete both an undergraduate and graduate degree in just five years. Learn more about the International Affairs MA Master's degree and eligible undergraduate Bachelor's degrees below.

International Affairs MA Graduate Program

Globalization in the form of growing interconnectedness of the world's almost 200 countries and the substantial impact of global forces on our daily lives has increased the need for professionals with advanced knowledge of international affairs. This program allows you to explore global problems and interactions from an interdisciplinary perspective that encompasses multiple academic departments.

Eligible Undergraduate Programs

  • Advertising and Public Relations BA
  • Advertising Creative BA
  • Advocacy and Social Change BA
  • Communication Studies BA
  • Criminal Justice and Criminology BS
  • Elementary Education BSEd
  • Film and Digital Media BA
  • Global and International Studies BA
  • History BA
  • Multimedia Journalism BA
  • Philosophy BA
  • Political Science BA
  • Pyschology BS
  • Secondary Education BSEd
  • Social Work BSW
  • Sociology BA
  • Special Education BSEd
  • Theology BA

05:00PM- 07:00PM

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The Open House will be held on February 29, 2024, at the Lake Shore campus. It's a valuable opportunity for you to:

  • Engage with program directors and gain insights into Loyola's accelerated degree pathways.

  • Connect with advising staff members to plan your academic journey. 

  • Explore your academic options and discover how an accelerated program can benefit your educational goals.

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Curriculum and Program Outcomes

Step By Step: Chart Your Accelerated Degree Path

  1. Explore options in undergraduate years one and two. Connect with your academic and career advisors and chart a two-year schedule to establish the best path toward your degrees.

  2. Apply in undergraduate year three. Students applying to an Accelerated Bachelors/Masters program will experience a slightly different application process. Please review the application requirements below for process information and required supporting materials. Loyola students do not need to submit official transcripts. Start your application here.

  3. Begin graduate course work. In undergraduate year four, you will take both undergraduate and graduate courses and complete your bachelor's degree.

  4. Complete your graduate course work in year five. Graduate with your master's degree.

Please note that transfer students may have a slightly different timeline. Transfer students who are juniors may apply at the end of their second semester.

Application Requirements

Application requirements for the International Affairs MA include:

  • 2 Letters of Recommendation

  • 3.0 Minimum GPA

  • Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose Details

Applicants to the International Affairs MA degree program should submit a statement of purpose, not to exceed two double-spaced pages, describing academic interests and professional goals and responding to the following questions: What specific areas are you interested in taking coursework while pursuing an MA in International Affairs? What relevant experiences have you had that have informed your decision and prepared you to pursue a graduate degree? What are your career goals following completion of your MA?

Start Your Application

Applying online to the International Affairs MA program is a swift, uncomplicated, and cost-free process. After submission, you can proceed to send and upload any additional requirements.